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ohms on 12ax7 heaters

7/21/2000 8:38 PM
ethohms on 12ax7 heaters
I have a whole pile of brimar, mullard, and GE 12ax7's that are used. I figured they were no good because the heater winding halves are all inbetween 6.2 ohms a 8ohms per side.This seemed a bit risky compared to the 19 ohms per side I measured. Are they OK? I know that a cold filament has a heck of alot less resistance than a hot one... Also I have heard of reconditioning the filaments by slowly bringing them up to correct voltage. Thanks mucho for any ideas, I'm kinda curious about these little suckers.  
Oh yeah, and by the way my guitar amp sounds so good that I randomly jump up and down laughing hysterically like an idiot high on spank! As amatter of fact, just two minutes ago I puked because of the luscious lovelyness that poured forth from my rig.  
I'm not kidding! If you wait around, are observant and experimental enough, you will realize that Ken Gilbert kicks ass and any one that says different sounds to me like a guitar store salesman that says class A amps are like a race car with the gas pedal pinned and playing the guitar is letting off the brake. (?) So ... Basically I can be a huge doofus, I can get fired, people can laugh at me on the street... and I won't care! Great tone has free'd my soul and Ken Gilbert helped me get there. Thanks Ken! And kiss my ass... whoever wants to!  
please answer my above question about filaments anyone! Thanks- Eth

Stephen Conner q{I figured they were no good becau... -- 7/21/2000 8:43 PM
Ken Gilbert eth.. take it easy, buddy. i feel ... -- 7/21/2000 10:51 PM