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Re: Ampeg V-4 bias mod

7/21/2000 3:41 PM
Tom L
Re: Ampeg V-4 bias mod
You're right, I have a V-4 (no B, even though I'm using it as a bass amp).  
I interpreted Ray's suggestion to mean that the 47K and the pot were in parallel, and this combination was in series with the 68K. I think if I change the 68K to 47K I will have the right range of values. I'll let you know.  
Can you give me more specifics on what kind of pot I should be using? I used a single-turn 1/2-watt trim pot that I thought was appropriate (Mouser part no. ME320-1520-50K), but maybe I should be using something else.  
Do you think those voltage fluctuations indicate a bad cap, or are they normal?  
Thanks for all your help.  

Graywater Tom,First, let me n... -- 7/21/2000 4:48 PM