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Re: amp with shorting noise

7/17/2000 7:23 AM
Re: amp with shorting noise
Running the amp without tubes will cause the B+ voltage to rise. In a badly designed amp the voltage may rise above the voltage rating on the power supply electrolytic capacitors.  
Check the voltage ratings on the caps and then measure the actual voltage in the amp. If the B+ volts are within 20v or so of the cap rating then it might not be a good idea to pull out the power tubes (since these draw most of the current and therefore cause most of the voltage drop when the amp is switched on).  
I find most caps can handle 10% above their voltage rating.  
If you aren't sure about what you are doing you should take the amp to a technician.  

Tristan JohnC:the filter ca... -- 7/17/2000 7:58 PM