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Re: Another V-4 Question

7/11/2000 3:33 PM
Tom L
Re: Another V-4 Question
Thanks for the info--I still have an awful lot to learn about circuitry, but I'm trying.  
My V4 came with a master volume, but it was a mod done by a previous owner. There was another one listed on eBay (it might still be there) with a master volume that was described as "never modded," but I thought that one looked like a mod too. For one thing, the MV was placed right where mine was: exactly lined up with the chassis-reinforcing crosspiece. I don't think Ampeg would have designed anything like that.  
My guess is that the MV was just a popular mod for these amps.  

Graywater Tom,If I understand... -- 7/11/2000 4:48 PM