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Another V-4 Question

7/10/2000 2:59 PM
Tom L
Another V-4 Question
There sure seem to be a lot of V-4s floating around lately. Graywater, are you in Texas too?  
I notice that the V-4 has resistors between the plates of the power tubes and the OT. It seems to me that this provides a means to measure plate current without the inaccuracy of the OT shunt method. Joe Piazza's schematic shows these resistors as 10 ohm, 5 watt; my amp has 3.6 ohm, and the schematic inside the amp says "P.I." ("proprietary information"?).  
I can't find another amp design (except the SVT) that has resistors there. So what is their purpose?  

danhei Tom,This isn't relevant to ... -- 7/10/2000 10:42 PM
Graywater Tom,I'm in Southwes... -- 7/11/2000 12:07 PM