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Re: Ampeg V4B Bias Mod, 6550's no good?,etc.

7/10/2000 2:40 PM
Tom L
Re: Ampeg V4B Bias Mod, 6550's no good?,etc.
My V-4 came with Sovtek 6550s installed. Unfortunately, one of them broke while the amp was being shipped to me. This is one reason I ordered 6L6s as replacements: the 7027 tube retainers only tend to push the 6550s out of the sockets, which, considering that the tubes hang upside down, is not good. I could find no source for the 6550 clamps used in SVTs, and anyway I think that installing those would require drilling holes in the chassis. I suppose you could use those spring retainers that go over the tops of the tubes, but I'm not sure.  
As far as sound goes, I suppose 6550s would be a good tube for bass. Check out Psycho Bass Guy's views on tubes for this amp at (Do a search on "7027"). I think he recommends NOS 5881s, but they are pricey.