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7/9/2000 5:18 PM

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Re: Bias pot

7/9/2000 6:17 PM
Re: Bias pot
I have a VT22 which is essentially ther same thing as a V4 but in a 2x12 combo. I wired my sockets to take EL34's and added a bias pot so I could switch tubes around without having to go thru a bunch of crap to make a change.  
All you need to do is remove the bias resistor, which is normally a 75K and replace it with something around 68K with a 25K linear pot in series. The resistor is the first one after the diode and is going to ground. A very simple thing to do, and well worth the trouble.  

danhei Thanks for all the advice so far! -- 7/9/2000 7:13 PM