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Re: Ignore those other posts; THIS is the right link

7/8/2000 6:53 PM
Re: Ignore those other posts; THIS is the right link
Thanks for the schematics.  
Ok, last night I swapped the two pairs of power tubes and the glow followed the tubes. Now this has me a little confused. But looking at the the schematic it appears that that the bias is set the same for all four output tubes. Is this correct? If so, then is this bias setting just too hot for two of the four tubes? Are the glowing tubes possibly defective in some way? Why would only two of the four ever have the slight red glow?  
Should I add a pot to be able to adjust the bias? Just leave the problem?  
Since they aren't the greatest tubes, I'm not too concerned with shortening their life if they are glowing red just a little. But is this a warning sign of something bigger that's wrong?  

jason danhei,apparently you don't... -- 7/8/2000 7:27 PM