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Re: blowin' fuses (Gibson GA-8T cont.)

7/4/2000 3:25 AM
Sean Kilback
Re: blowin' fuses (Gibson GA-8T cont.)
Thanks again Mike!  
Regarding the OT secondary shorted to chassis...right! I should have figured that one out!  
I neglected to mention before that there were two small diodes taking the place of the missing 6CA4...with these in place and all tubes removed it was still blowing the fuse. I've since removed the diodes and the fuse does not blow.  
The previous owner knew nothing about the history of the amp except that it has never worked, so for all I know the diodes might have been a failed attempt to replace the rectifier tube.  
FYI, I've replaced the filter caps with 22uF/450VDC NTE's (the stock caps were 20uF/325VDC). I'm going to order some new 6EU7s and a 6CA4/EZ81 tomorrow so I'll be able to resume my testing in a week or two. I already have some Sovtek EL84s kicking around so I'm set for output tubes.  
This particular amp calls for a 1A fuse, and I'm using a 1A slo-blo. Thanks for the reminder just the same!  
I'm still excited about this amp. I know I'll get it working with some effort!  

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