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Re: Bogner Schems & Cheap Chassis

7/3/2000 4:25 PM
Re: Bogner Schems & Cheap Chassis
Well the other problem with 1/8" thick aluminum chassis is the length of the threaded bushings on jacks, pots and other devices that come through the chassis.  
For example, if you are using a .040" to .060" faceplates with isolation washers on standard input jacks, it adds up to making it darn near impossible to get the nuts on.  
I hope these chassis are welded corners and seams and not all folded.  
Maybe he has better bending technique too!  
I've only tried 1/8" chassis three times and all three (from two different shops) ended up with cracks in the corners or in high stress areas.  
The thickest I'm mildly comfortable with is .100".  
I don't build any 100 watt amps anymore and the .080" thick aluminum with welded seams, works fine for the weight of 50 watt transformers and tubes.  

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