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Re: vanous evolution hybrid amps?

7/3/2000 6:59 AM
Steve Snider
Re: vanous evolution hybrid amps?
Yep. Awesome amp.I Have one and find it to be the best amp in it's price range. Features, tone and the fact that it weighs less than 20 pounds are all cool. Go to for more info. I have actually been doing some rep work for them so I won't spam the place up but I love the amp. I have owmed all the swiss army amps, Bogners, Guytrons, Diezels, Egnaters, New Marshalls, VHT etc and this one holds it's own. Hybrid amp though scares people. Ray Ivers has heard my friend Ken Volpes Vanous and he may give his opinion but I love it. It is comparable in tone to the Bogner Ecstasy, VHT, Modded Marshall, Mesa in the high gain mode, does good plexi to modded plexi and the clean tones are good with lots of headroom. Clips at the site.  
I really like it though. Also have a Fuchs ODS and a couple Two Rocks so it is in good company. Didn't mean to Spam anyone.