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previous: Bruce Matt, email me with more info about... -- 7/2/2000 5:36 PM View Thread

Re: Bogner Schems & Cheap Chassis

7/2/2000 9:04 PM
Dave B.
Re: Bogner Schems & Cheap Chassis
Bruce, I too am looking for aluminum chassis to build some small amp heads tubes facing up English style. A Deluxe reverb type amp with one channel and a Route 66 type amp. Somewhere around an 18" and a 15" chassis maybe? 1/8" would be nice, got any that fit this description? I don't care if there punched or not.  
I'm also looking for schematics of amps that are hard to come by on the web; I have a few hundred I'd be happy to trade. Also have NOS tubes I'd trade for the right schematic.  
Dave B.

Bruce Well, the thickest aluminum chassis... -- 7/3/2000 2:26 AM