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Gibson Discoverer GA-8T thoughts

6/29/2000 8:00 AM
Sean Kilback
Gibson Discoverer GA-8T thoughts
hi guys,  
I just picked up a '64 (I think) Gibson Discoverer Tremolo GA-8T for $40 Canadian. I was told it "doesn't work" but the recitifier and fuse are missing so I'm not suprised! Tube compliment is 2x 6EU7, 2x 6BQ5 and a 6CA4 rectifier (according to the tube chart). It's got a 1964 CTS alnico speaker.  
Two cool features: "Monitor" output...presumably a line out, and "Echo speaker"...presumably an ext speaker jack.  
1. General opinions on this amp?  
2. Known problems or limitations?  
3. The schematic for the GA-18T in Weber's book seems to match the tubes/features. Is there an accurate GA-8T schem somewhere?  
4. Any Discoverer Tremolo owners want to swap stories?  
5. Good deal? ;-)  
Can't wait to replace the rectifier and fire this baby up! I'll do so without the other tubes first, then go from there. If it sounds promising I'll proceed with a cap job and maybe upgrade the speaker.  
Thanks very much!  

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