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Re: amp trouble question

6/25/2000 2:37 AM
Re: amp trouble question
Josh, the indicator lights may be getting their source direct from 110VAC and therefore lighting up even if the power transformer has an open in the primary or the filament's secondary. More likely, there's an open connection in the heater wiring, probably at or after the rectifier tube if there is one. If there isn't a rect tube, then there could still be a cold solder joint (from the factory) of one of the heater wires at one of terminals of the socket closest to the transformer source.  
Then again, the amp could have a tube internally shorted - plate, cathode or grid shorted to filament. Does the amp blow fuses? Does the amp have the correct rated fuse(s)?  
More info is needed, since the amp is not on any of our benches except yours and sorry if any of this is already obvious to you. What amp is it anyway?  
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josh Ed,I am by no means... -- 6/25/2000 2:48 AM