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Re: Marshall 1973 50 watt with lay down tranny.

6/20/2000 12:48 PM
Re: Marshall 1973 50 watt with lay down tranny.
"I have an opportunity to pick up an early seventies 50 watt head. The serial # S/A 2516E indicates a 1973 I believe. It is Mint and looks almost new. Price is $1200. Fair Price?? Good amp??"
1973 is when they transitioned from PTP wiring, to PCBs. Not sure when the one you had was made fi it was ptp or pcb. in either case, I think the price is overinflated, to almost double what you should pay for a 1973... even if it had the cabinet with it, i'd thin you are getting taken. I had a 1973 100watter, and lets say yo9u can get a 50watter for $400(very low) to $700 (very high), and a cabinet for $150-$350. Very good amp, but overpriced IMHO.