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reminder to bias your amps CORRECTLY

6/19/2000 6:41 PM
kgreminder to bias your amps CORRECTLY
courtesy of rich koerner, posted on AGA.  

Dave James Awesome!ROCK & ROLL... -- 6/19/2000 6:51 PM
R.G. Good one!! I have an EL34 that does... -- 6/19/2000 7:04 PM
Steve Slick [crying] Poor little fellow. Probab... -- 6/19/2000 10:30 PM
Rick Erickson That looks more like a complete bia... -- 6/19/2000 11:02 PM
Sweetfinger I had a real cool looking STR 6L6 I... -- 6/20/2000 9:49 AM
J Epstein This kind of porno works for me! -- 6/22/2000 2:53 PM
Randy Jamz Re: reminder to bias your amps CORRECTLY -- 6/23/2000 1:01 AM