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Re: M/B Dual Rectifier- My 2 cents

6/16/2000 9:40 PM
Re: M/B Dual Rectifier- My 2 cents
I've been using one of these for years. I prefer the red channel, I use a lot of gain, NO presence, spongy mode, Siemens EL34's. You've never heard a more crushing high gain tone. I replaced the mid pot on red channel with a 50K and I keep it on zero. If you like to cut the mids, change this pot. Even more gain and low end. I don't like the Mesa cabs too much, I use a Marshall 1936 (old one) w/Celestion 65's and get many compliments on the sound. The FX loops on these seem to suck, I've tried a zillion configurations, no luck. Gain and low end is always lost. Last, I prefer the old chrome chassis Recto's, they look cool and have real leather covering, no electronic differences from the new ones that I'm aware of.  

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