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Re: Matchless - Idiotic Filter Cap Layout

6/16/2000 3:54 AM
Tim Swartz
Re: Matchless - Idiotic Filter Cap Layout
I guess I don't see them as a thing of beauty. I guess they are OK, and this one is much nicer than the Jorgenson I was in a couple months ago, but I'd much prefer to be looking at the inards of an old tweed Fender, Marshall, Hiwatt, etc...These things actually look pretty trashy compared to the nicer Hiwatts I've seen. Think of all the Hiwatts or old Marshalls you could buy for what one of these costs? Did they actually think filter caps never wear out? Or was it, we'll offer a lifetime guarantee, charge a bunch, and bail before things fail?  

Peter S Yes the Hiwatts are one of the pret... -- 6/16/2000 11:42 AM