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Twin Reverb PT vs Tonemaster PT

6/14/2000 6:46 PM
Dave B.
Twin Reverb PT vs Tonemaster PT
Any Fender experts out there that can explain i f there's a huge difference between a Twin Reverb replacement PT and a Tonemaster (custom shop amp) PT?  
I'm building a 100W/4x6L6 amp (not with reverb) and am using a Tonemaster OT (Angela has them for around 60.00). I ordered a Replacement Twin reverb transformer from New Sensor for this project but I'm wondering if I should get the PT that was made for this particular OT instead.  
I've used the replacement Twin tranny before and ended up with about 450v on plates. I'd really like to see about 465v.  
Am I being anal or is there a significant difference in transformers that warrants paying another 30.00 for the Tonemaster tranny. (smart parts sells the for around 99.00)  
Thanks for any insights,  

Chris Sanford Hi Dave,From the sc... -- 6/14/2000 7:40 PM