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Fender PT 100W, Custom shop vs twin

6/14/2000 4:57 PM
Dave B.
Fender PT 100W, Custom shop vs twin
Any Fender experts out there that know if there's much difference between a replacement PT for a Twin and the PT for the Custom shop amps,(Dual Pro., Tonemaster, etc)  
I'm building a 100W amp (4 6L6) and I'll be using the same OT that the Tonemaster uses. (Angela has them for around 60.00). I ordered a replacement Twin Reverb PT from New Sensor but got to wondering if I should be going with the same PT that the Tonemaster OT was designed for.  
I'm hoping the B+ will be the same, I'd like to see around 465 on the plates. I've used replacement Twin PT's before and end up with around 450 on the plates.  
Am I being anal or is there a significant difference between these PT's?  
Thanks for your insights,  

Peter S I don't know if the trannies are ex... -- 6/14/2000 9:19 PM