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Re: Short Q for the Vibroclone Brotherhood

6/12/2000 12:00 AM
Re: Short Q for the Vibroclone Brotherhood
You could certainly use these amps but the the sound would be be different. The typical vibroverb sound is quite compressed because of the tube rectifier and the lower sound of of the 15 in speaker. I have two bandmaster heads, a super reverb and my current vibroclone project , which is based on a BMR with an 8ohm output transformer.This is the small type, like the bandmaster's not the large one like a super. Even with the reverb off, the sound of a a vibroclone has a signature rectifier sound past 4 on the dial. It is very different past 6.If you are using a bandmaster as a base, there are 2 extra sockets openingings on the later models.