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Re: Shopping for Dumble Clones: 2 Rock and Fuchs Audio

6/7/2000 11:30 AM
Carl F.
Re: Shopping for Dumble Clones: 2 Rock and Fuchs Audio
Yup, twas me. I'm completely non-tech  
and lurk here, but I thought I pass on my experiences.  
My review is glowing and I stand by it.Tone was not a problem with my Two Rock.  
It's the "cork-sniffing" attitude  
of after blowing 4K, they come up with further mods, the "blow the old models away"  
I just don't like dealing with folks and owning people's products with that kind of attitude.  
It rubs me the wrong way. Not alot of things bug me, but something like that does.  
In any event, I enjoyed the TR while I had it.  
PS, for 2K I got me a mil-spec PTP, Partrige tranny  
Hiwatt RI with a Hiwatt 4X12 with Fanes.  
Half the price and with any pedal in front, it kills.

Steve Ahola Carl:  &n... -- 6/8/2000 3:13 AM