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Skyliner less gain than 70s OD???

6/6/2000 9:25 PM
DominikSkyliner less gain than 70s OD???
I read a thread from Gil about the Skyliner having less gain than 70s OD Dumple amps. I have to report the exact contrary for my Dumple clone. As some might know, I incoorporated the Sky version and 70sOD + Dumbleator into one 19" chassis.I fixed the last problems this weekend (thanks Gil for the ground hint, it was indeed a ground loop). I used WIMA caps exclusively in the amp (630 V DC, 400 V AC, MKP 10, tol 20%), Polypropylene caps (Phillips KP464, 630 V DC, 200 V AC, tol 1%) and WIMA (FKP1, 1250 V DC, 600 V AC). Resistors are 1 W 1% Metal-Film and 0.1%, 0.6 W Metal-Film plus some 1/2 W carbon Film here and there. I use Ultron ECC83 and like them alot. I don't know what company they are from, I bought them from an electronics store here in Germany, maybe East-german brand (from the days of old). I must say that the skyliner has plenty of gain. Maybe I did something wrong, but this Skyliner channel leaves the 70s OD way behind soundwise. Smooth sound, lots of gain, not full-tilt mteal, but lots of gain. I can push it a bit more if I set the OD input trimmer all the way open. One thing I witness is that when I play not very loud, the Sky OD has something going on in the background, like some very very bright distortion going on. When I play the amp loud, this goes away. I rechecked the circuit a couple of times and found everything as it should be. ONly thing I am not 100% sure about is the tone stack after the OD since I did that in a hurry. But the OD tone stack works as it is supposed. BTW I used the schemo that states 100 k before the OD inptu trimmer. The mid control (25k) could be more active IMHO. If I engage the midbosst then the amp really sings. Great sound indeed.As said, maybe I did somehting wrong and it turned out to be even better then the real deal.Maybe....  
Gil is definitely correct with his experience and I for my part have not even seen a real Dumple yet, but my clone has lotsa gain!  
My two Pfennige worth,  

Petey Dominik,I'm getting ready t... -- 6/8/2000 2:36 AM