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Fender Amp Question: Moving the OT.

6/3/2000 2:30 PM
Dave B.
Fender Amp Question: Moving the OT.
Let's say you've got a Fender Princton Reverb amp and you want to put a 12" speaker in it. The problem is the OT is in the way. So you move it to the far right(looking from the rear)and mount it right behind V1,V2 under the preamp area. Of course the leads aren't long enough so you must lengthen them. (they're unshielded)  
At this point, if you had a nasally, high pitched, ear piercing kind of noise especially when you play certain notes and play them hard, would you say the OT position is causing this phenomena? The unshielded OT wires? Has this happened to you? How'd you fix it?  
Thanks for the feedback,  
Dave B.

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