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blown PT ?

6/1/2000 4:45 PM
john hermsen
blown PT ?
Hi everybody,  
Just bought a london city (a 70's dutch marshall clone) and was about to turn it in an dumble-ish kind of amp. Anyway after stripping the whole thing and building the powersuply i noticed that between the two hv leads there are 410 volts but there is no voltage to the centertap or ground. Could it be that this pt has no centertap? Can just the centertap burn out? Btw the filament powersection is ok.  
Thanks for any help, john  
Btw the pt looks like this, one side 220v in(black white) also two blue wires one went to ground the other is biassupply. Other side two filamentsuply wires (yellow) and two red hv wires and one green wire (Centertap?)

Stephen Conner Hi John,Your PT pro... -- 6/2/2000 2:31 PM