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Re: Point to Point versus PCB

5/31/2000 7:39 PM
Peter S
Re: Point to Point versus PCB
I cant speak for other techs, but I can answer your question for at least myself. I suspect that other people in this buisiness feel the same way. Being an amplifier builder, repair technician, and a musician, I want to treat my clients as fairly as I can possibly afford to. Most working musicians are not wealthy. Keeping the cost of repairs as low as possible is important to me. If I can service an amplifier in half the time or less and still do high quality work, I want to pass that cost savings on to my customer. That is the economic part of this issue. There is more to it than that, however because in actual fact, it is often much harder to do quality repairs on a PCB amp due to the cheesy nature of the construction of these wonders of technology. Many of these amps are so cheaply constructed, one has to wonder if dissassembly for repair is a wise thing to do at all. If you spend some time in an amp repair shop watching a good tech at work you'll be appalled at how aggrevating and dissapointing it is to work on these cheesy beasts. Smiling all the way to the bank is fun, but somehow at least for me, it doesent compensate for the total disregard some of these amp manufacturers have for good design and quality of construction. A well designed high quality PCB amp that is serviceable would be highly welcomed.

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