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Bias current for EL34s in YBA-1?

5/29/2000 4:09 PM
Sean Kilback
Bias current for EL34s in YBA-1?
What's the acceptable range for bias current in a new matched pair of Svetlana EL34s? I just installed them in my Traynor YBA-1 (similar to 5F6A circuit) and measured 34ma on both tubes via the transformer shunt method. I will be adding adjustable bias pot soon but want to be sure 34ma will be ok until then.  
On another note, what the general opinion on this method of measuring bias? If you make the connections with power off, then power on, it should be safe enough shouldn't it?  

Peter S After doing this for 30 years you w... -- 5/29/2000 5:14 PM