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Re: Got my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!

5/28/2000 5:32 PM
Steve Snider
Re: Got my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!
OK. The Fuchs rips. I once found a modified MarkIIc+ that had been modified to sound like a Dumble/Boogie. I had just spent all my $ on a Two Rock and scrambled to get up the $ for the MarkII. It was gone when I went back. The owner of it, who I later contacted said "it was the best amp ever made". It had the best round and smooth distortion I had heard. The Fuchs sounds like that modded MarkIIc+ to me but better. The options 1/2 power, studio setting, get the wattage way down and you can get the richest high gain,feedback laden tones at low level. A Robben Ford/Carlton tone is easily achieved by setting the overdrive input gain low and output gain high while keeping the clean channel input level low. The amp is very cool and I love it. I am putting a G12H 100 in the cab because the EV12L lacks bottom to me and since I like the mid boost on, the voicing of the G12H is a little scooped so the balance is good and the low end is fat. The 1X12 Fane 100 Alnico sounds great as well. The clean tones have lots of range with the various switches. Mine is fully loaded with options. Negative feedback, mid boost, Phat switch , Pentode/Triode, studio power etc. Awesome amp!!! Works great at low volumes and gets amazing at high volumes. The reverb is ok. The Clean is better on the new TR, could be the difference of EL34 vs 6L6. Overall a great amp!