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Re: Got my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!

5/28/2000 3:41 PM
Steve Snider
Re: Got my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!
The Tone bypass used to be a true tone bypass. I have one with both a tone bypass and a mid boost. All of the newer ones have the mid boost type. At 1/2 way up on the TS the mid boost does add a nice amount of volume and some gain. It also is what can breakup the clean channel when the gain is turned up. Without the bypass or "midboost" it stays pretty clean unless it's loud. The lead channel with the midboost/bypass really spits out great higher gain tones.  
The amps took a final twist with a new board layout and a few little changes. The TR has never sounded as good and I have gone through a bunch to get here. The new ones (within the last three weeks) are really something. I had a great player over last night who has heard everything I've had or have and he could not believe it. They have a '97 ODS in their shop that's for sale because the owner heard the new amp and put the Dumble up for sale immediately. The new amp is much more than a Dumble Clone and really has amazing tone.  
I heard from several sources that HAD is coming out of retirement and has built a reasonably priced amp that is in production now. Know anything about this?  
Steve Snider

anonymous Boy, this thread got off it's start... -- 5/28/2000 5:03 PM