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Re: Got my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!

5/28/2000 10:40 AM
Steve Ahola
Re: Got my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!
    I was just looking at the Two-Rocks site and noticed what they had to say about their tone bypass switch:  
Tone Bypass: This feature acts as a mid boost and adds some gain. Great for pushing the clean channel into a slight overdrive.  
    With the Dumblesque PAB, the difference in sound level is usually more than just "adds some gain" (it does depend on the setting of the tone potsó if they are all set to 10 then there is really no boost in gain but more of a change in the tone).  
    My question for you is this: with the tone stack set to 5-5-5, how would you describe the level of boost when the tone stack is bypassed (slight to drastic). I was wondering because they may pad down the signal a bit in the Tone Bypass mode by switching in a resistor to ground (something like 220k).  
    Two-Rocks also mentions that their Clean channel gets a bit crunchy when you boost the gain. I ask because the Humble clean preamp usually stays pretty clean at even the higher gain settings (in contrast to a BF-style preamp which will break up and distort). I quote from their site:  
Push it a little by increasing the gain setting, and you transcend smoothly and seamlessly into the tastiest overdrive around.  
    So do you agree with that, Steve? Not necessarily that it is the "tastiest" OD around, but are they talking about preamp distortion or power amp distortion (i.e., does it distort at low settings of the MV or only when the amp is set loud?)  
Steve Ahola

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