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Re: The old 70's vintage Marshall Mark II

5/28/2000 12:48 AM
Peter S
Re: The old 70's vintage Marshall Mark II
I think the biggest difference between the 50w and hundreds is the voltage on the plates of the output tubes. My 50watt Marshall clone sounds alot like a hundred watter. For an OT I'm using an interleaved Mojotone Tweed Bassman tranny. My amp has 450-460 volts on the plates. a couple of weeks ago I put a zener in it to lower the voltage to 390 like a 50watt Marshall......the amp lost sparkle, punch, and dynamics and there wasnt nearly as much distortion..Needless to say I put it back the way it was without the zener. I've tried many different OT's in this amp, but the biggest changes in tone, amount of power tube distortion, and dynamics come from raising and lowering the voltage.  

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