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Got my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!

5/27/2000 3:24 PM
Steve Snider
Got my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme!
Yesterday my Fuchs head came. It is a beauty. The cabinetry is extraordinary and the amp sings. I can get an amazing array of tones from the head and will post a more detailed tone report after logging a few more hours and conducting some ab tests with one of my new Two Rocks. The Two Rocks built in the last 3 weeks are far superior to the previous TR efforts. I will run an extensive series of tests using an ab box and the same stereo cab split into mono. Right now I can tell you that the Fuchs destroy's the Bruno Super 100 which is a good Dumble Clone. The Fuchs amp is super touch sensitive and sounds great even at really low volumes. Much more to come. Andy did a great job!  
Steve Snider

Steve Ahola Steve:  &... -- 5/28/2000 10:40 AM