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CTS Speaker ID Help

5/22/2000 3:31 PM
CTS Speaker ID Help
Hi Everyone, I have a 10" speaker that I got in a deal and I wanted to see if anyone could help me ID it. It's a 10" w/a big disc magnet about 4 1/2" across. It's copper colored and has these numbers on the rim: 985-041612-001 and 137-7919. Stamped 1096-1 on cone. From these numbers, I see it is a CTS made in 79. The magnet is bigger than most 10's I've seen, could this be a bass speaker? Would it have come stock in any Fender? (label missing)Anyway, I plan on trying it in my BF Princeton R. Any info or opinions would be welcome.  
Regards, Ethan.