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Princton R.:To clone, or not to clone...

5/18/2000 4:20 PM
Dave B.
Princton R.:To clone, or not to clone...
That really is the question,  
I have a Silver face Princton Reverb that I've been thinking about turning into a Mini Dumble clone. I have a EV "force" 12" speaker installed already along with the outrageously expensive Kendrick HR OT. I have a PT from Allen amplification that can handle 6L6's if I want them.  
First: EV force 12", a good choice? I've seen Dumble's with Altec 417-8H 12"  
Second: Does anyone know where I can get a dumble-clone faceplate that will fit a Princton Reverb?  
Third: Relay choices; I'm thinking of tapping off the 6.3v heater supply for relay control voltage. Anyone have a DC relay supply design they've been using sucessfully and would share with me? I've used the Torres regulated supply in the past but I really don't like little transformers hanging out of the chassis. And what about relay choices; what have you been using? Any new technology?  
Finally: OK I should scrap the whole idea and just enjoy my little Princton the way it is, right? [it's just that I'm tired of lugging two amps around to get clean and OD sounds]  
Thanks for your gracious imput,  

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