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Switching between two seperate preamps

5/18/2000 8:33 AM
DominikSwitching between two seperate preamps
Hi there,  
In my current (now finished) poject I incoorporated two seperate preamps in one chassis. I switch between those two preamps by means of a 6V relay. I have both preamps attached to the input socket, thus the two grid-to-ground resistors (1M each) are paralleled. I currently only switch the output of the preamps and ground each (not used preamp) after the Volume pot. I plan on changing to a scheme, where I switch the input signal and the output signal. I can see (and that is why I went that road with both preamps attached to input and only the output switched) that I will get some switching noises.  
Is there anybody out there that has done this or could explain the merits of switching the input and output simultaneously? What happens if the grid to ground resistor is 500k instead of 1M (both 1M being paralleld by my switching scheme right now).  
Thankful for any input,  

Kremator Hello,i'm not too sure, but... -- 5/18/2000 9:41 AM