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Re: 6L6GBs

5/15/2000 11:45 AM
Re: 6L6GBs
A NOS 6L6GB as I understand it is essentially the same as a 6L6Wgb. The "W" affix on most tubes was for "JAN" designated tubes. A 12AX7WA is a JAN 12AX7A, for example. So a 6L6GB is is actually the same thing as a 6L6WGB/5881. So you you would treat it like a 5881. As faor as sound, they will have less headroom than a GC with earlier breakup. If you are talking about New Production tubes, like a Sovtek or Groovie Tube 6L6GB, I have no idea if this is true.  

Jim S. A true NOS 6L6GB is rated for only ... -- 5/15/2000 4:09 PM