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Re: BENSON tube guitar amp

5/14/2000 4:35 AM
Re: BENSON tube guitar amp
Greg - there's a customer here in the Big Sleazy, a jazz player who has 2 Benson amps. He says they were made in Chicago, but what do I know?  
He has one that is fully working that he gigs with, but the other one is here in the shop with a shorted power transformer. We're still waiting for it to be rebuilt, but it looks like the spare may have to be just that, a spare to cannibalize.  
Observing the circuitry, I see there is quite a bit of solid state stuff too.  
I have no schema, but would like to have one. Anyone?  
Yeah, they have a 15" loudspeaker with reverb, an unusual pulsing trem, & distortion mode.  
Good luck recapturing, get 2 when you do,