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Re: Old Spring Reverb Transducers/Info,help needed

5/14/2000 2:29 AM
Re: Old Spring Reverb Transducers/Info,help needed
KS - if you're up for it, you can start by removing the tape over the open coil to see if you find a break under the tape. Try to see if it's a break in the outer or inner winding of the coil. If it's an outer winding break, you're in luck & can unwind one wind, then resolder it to the terminal after stripping the coating by scraping or heating. If it's a break in the inner winding, you're screwed. You'll have to drill out the rivets holding the coil to the spring mount assembly then unwind then rewind the entire coil then solder each lead accordingly to each rubber insulated cable to the phono jack terminals. Be sure to rewind uniformly.  
If you're lucky, get the coil connected long enough to get a DC ohm reading, then order a replacement tank with the same specs also regarding whether or not the jacks grounds are grounded or floating.  
I usually say good luck as a congenial parting, but this dude really needs it,