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Re: Elektar Amp Info Needed/

5/11/2000 6:18 PM
Mike D.
Re: Elektar Amp Info Needed/
I have the "30 watt" Electar amp. Of course 2 EL84's cathode biased will not produce anywhere near 30 watts, see alt.guitar.amps for a discussion on that subject.  
Anyway, the speaker is junk. The cabinet is fairly beefy for a cheapo amp. The chassis is thin, but it is held to the cab with 8 screws so it is fairly sturdy when all put together. The tube sockets are mounted to the main pc board, which is itself pretty thin. Lots of jumpers on the pc board. You pretty much destroy it just trying to get it out of the chassis.  
The tone is very mediocre, even with a speaker replacement. The "clean" mode lacks headroom. the "overdrive" reeks of ss diode clipping. The coupling caps are all 47nf, way too large for a guitar amp. It has the usual "marshall" style tone stack (I prefer the "fender" stack in between the first and second preamp stage). There's a few transistors and 4 LDR "roaches" in there. Yuck!  
I yanked out the insides, mounted tube sockets directly to the chassis, installed terminal strips and rebuilt the whole thing along the lines of a BF princeton reverb. I'm still finishing the amp, I should have it fired up this weekend. If I like it, I will add the reverb circuitry, which will likely be solid state. The power tranny does have a separate 18-0-18 winding to run SS stuff.  
Hopefully, I'll have a report of how it sounds by next monday.  
I am fully guilty of drilling holes, spraypainting the faceplate and hack-butchering the living daylights out of this thing.  
Mike D.

Steve A. Mike and Doc: ... -- 5/12/2000 1:58 AM