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Re: Tesla 6l6 question

5/8/2000 12:43 AM
Peter S
Re: Tesla 6l6 question
You know these tubes are sold as 6L6's but they sure do behave alot more like EL-34's than any 6L6's I've ever seen. They sound Great! least in my opinion they do.....also they are extremely durable.....can handle high plate voltages and they put out more power.......alot more power if your power supply can take advantage of it. I love 'em. They are quickly becoming my favorite 6L6GC tube ever. Of course if the RCA's were still around for reasonable prices I probably never would have given these tubes a chance.....they sure add a whole new dimension to the tone.....especially the distortion of Marshll/Bassman style amps IMHO.  
Peter S.