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Re: Cathode Follower Questions

5/2/2000 8:12 PM
Re: Cathode Follower Questions
I believe you have it down. I'm trying to find an alternative to the standard long-tailed pair PI, just for kicks. To recap (no pun intended), I want to AC couple the output of the cathode follower to the grid of one of the output tubes. Also at this connection point will be one of the legs of the autoformer. The center tap of the autoformer will go to ground (or I guess it could go to a negative voltage source for fixed bias) and the other leg will drive the grid of the other output tube. Will this solution reduce blocking enough to even bother with? I'm not sure I follow your response about how to choose the cathode resistance for the follower. For example, why does Marshall use a 100K resistor at this spot versus a Vox that uses 56K (to drive tone stacks)? Thanks in advance for all your help!

ken gilbert Long answer to: Cathode Follower Questions -- 5/2/2000 11:22 PM