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Cathode Follower Questions

5/2/2000 5:42 PM
Cathode Follower Questions
I have some questions about cathode follower design. I'm working on the assumption that driving output tubes from the cathode of a triode is superior to the typical plate drive configuration due to the extremely low output impedance of the cathode. Anyway, I'd like to setup a twin triode (either a 6SL7 or 6SN7) as a gain stage directly coupled to a cathode follower (as seen driving the tone stacks of various Marshalls and tweed Fenders). My idea is to then AC couple the cathode of the follower to the grid of one of the output tubes and to use an autoformer at that point to reverse the phase and drive the grid of the other output tube. I know that DC coupling would be even better, but I like the simplicity of my current idea. My main question is how to choose the cathode resistor for the follower. I understand that there is a tradeoff here between gain and current. I'll be driving a pair of UL wired EL84's so I won't need a ton of gain. Any advice is appreciated.  

kg morris, let me see if i read you co... -- 5/2/2000 7:42 PM