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Re: Capacitors following Pots...

4/27/2000 10:30 PM
Re: Capacitors following Pots...
Probably so. I would think sound level has much to do with it and the surroundings. Like late at night when I'm tweaking an amp in my deadened soundproofed garage. (need to liven this place up some) anyway, it can sound really good at low volumes and I go "wow!" then as I turn up all that bass starts to get stronger and I go "oh shit!" and then I'm back to square one. I think my room has a lot to do with some of it. The other, well, is in the design of the amp. To my ears, Fenders and Marshalls tend to be bassy to the point of nearly turning off the bass control at loud volume. Hey, it's been that way for years, just thought in my older age, I could change it some, ha, ha.  
Now, not to confuse with those chincy (sp?) amps that have no bottom at all. I love a good bottom, full sound type of thing for some grooves but don't want it muddy. I like a good strong mid so long as it isn't shooting darts between your eyes. I find in general that it's a give and take situation with guitar amps. I'll probably be a frustrated tweaker to the day I die. Oh well ....