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Re: Schematics of peavey the classic

4/27/2000 10:13 PM
Re: Schematics of peavey the classic
Hi Ivan,  
I've never heard of "The Classic" either but then there's alot I don't know. I do know that I have two schematics of amps called Classic, one has just a normal and bright input with reverb. The second one has normal, parallel, series and bright inputs with reverb and trem. Either of those like the one you got? Let me know and I'll try to help.  
I purchased a few schematics from Peavey maybe four years ago. Their customer service was excellent, received the schematics in just a very few days best I recall. But today with the internet, it may just be that they can email you a copy if not on their site already. Thought I did see at least one schematic on their site in the download manuals secton. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, holler back if you want.  
PS I've got a Peavey Bandit that needs fixing, belongs to one of my best friends and his name is Ivan. Reading your post made me think of him. That darn amp fried one of my Celestion G12 Classic Lead 80 speakers. It put out about 38 volts at the speaker terminal (DC) and before I realized it my speaker was smoking. Pissed me off!!! If I ever connect to a transformerless output, I'll always put a fuse in series with the speaker.