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Re: Dumb-Bell Preamp Clone almost finished

4/27/2000 3:07 PM
DominikRe: Dumb-Bell Preamp Clone almost finished
Hiya Gil,  
Regarding the 100k pot thing:  
I just found that the pot is active in the very beginning of the sweep and then not much more happens. Maybe I should use a lin one?? I will play around with the trimmers some more.  
This whole project started since I had a tranny lying around and some Fender-style knobs (24 to be exact). I sold all my amps a while ago (1973 DR 100 Hiwatt, MesaBoogie Cal.50 +, Fender Princeton Reverb 69 or 70) and wanted a tube amp again, so why not build one?? I agree 100% with you that my amp (preamp up until now) will not sound like a Dumb-Bell. I could have tried to build a 100% exact copy, but I think that this in itself is an art, almost as much an art as designing an amp. Since I am a Rookie I just chose the Dumb-Bell design since I could get a Marshall or Fender, but a Dumb-Bell is impossible to find or to pay.  
Up until now, this project has brought me lots of joy and I have learned a great deal.  
I will keep you informed on how th thing evolves..  
Best Regards,