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Re: 6,3 V DC filament supply

4/26/2000 10:47 AM
Re: 6,3 V DC filament supply
Thanks for the input:  
My tranny has a 6,3 V (2.7 A) tap and next to it a 0 tap. I used the 0 as ground and the 6.3 V as output. After the 6.3 V AC out of the tranny I put two diodes in series (first layout) and after the second diode one 10 000 uF (was wrong about that in my first post) cap to ground. I draw about 3 A from the tap but called the manufacturer of the tranny to see if that was ok (it is btw). So that is why I get less than 6.3 V. Then I found a schematic of a Champ amp that showed a similar design: they had a tranny that had one AC and the other tap grounded. They recityfied the AC with one diode in series with the tap and the other diode going to ground.  
Any ideas on that??  
Thanks again for the input.