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Re: Sundown GOV and RMS functions

4/26/2000 3:18 AM
Steve M.
Re: Sundown GOV and RMS functions
I have owned several of the Sundown amps, and have found that using the Govenor and RMS controls are a nice compromise for lowering the volume. Some people like the sound that using these controls gives, others don't like it, it is really a matter of personal taste.  
Rick is right concerning the RMS pot burning out, I own an Artist 50 combo that came with the pot burned out. Dennis Kager, the designer and builder of Sundown amps, told me once a while back in a conversation that he calculated the power handling value of the pot incorrectly. The pot really needs to be more like 10 watts. Unfortunately, these seem to be pretty rare, and if you do find one, they tend to be very expensive. YMMV.  
I've tried pentode/triode switches in amps, and didn't find that it made a huge difference volume wise. Sure triode mode was less loud than pentode mode, but triode mode got darker too, so it affects the tone.  
I guess the best thing for you to do is try it, and maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't.  

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