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Re: Bright Switches/Caps

4/25/2000 5:15 PM
Re: Bright Switches/Caps
the cool thing is that the amp has the pull switches that arent even necassary for my purposes, so i can use them for mods like this. if i get to a gig to find that the amp needs the brightness that cap added. all i have to do is pull a switch and i'm there. but i doubt i'll need it. the amp sounds best with the treble at 3-5, and presence about the same. but now i think i'll have to turn the treble and presence up, which is exactly what i want. see, my feeling is that amps sound best with thier tone controls way up. maybe not pegged, but close. but most amps don't allow that without getting too bright. so i ilke the idea of having a guitar and spekers that are on the dark side, and getting my hi end with the tone controls. it just seems that cutting signal at certain frequencies to tame your highs just isn't as good. it seems the amp becomes sort of "congested". the best sound i ever get are usually with a setup that allows me to crank the tones without getting too bright. so i think this cap mod will do that. of course i never say "for sure" till it's been gig tested. but i'll bet it's gonna be great. i recently traded a guy the v30 that came in it for a sidewinder to hopefully tame the hi mids that the ev i'm using has. but now i wonder if the cap mod will make the ev sound perfect. no big deal tho, i've always wanted to see how those sidewinders sound anyway, and i hate v30's.  
thanks ray,-dale