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6,3 V DC filament supply

4/25/2000 11:05 AM
6,3 V DC filament supply
Hi there,  
I have a question regarding 6,3 V DC filament supplies or the building of thereof. In my preamp, I rectified the 6,3 V AC with two 1N4007 in series and one to ground after the first 1N4007. Then I put a 1000 uF (16V) to ground. The odd thing is that when measuring the 6.3 V DC with my VOM the voltage won´t settle on a constant voltage, but rather fluctuates +/- 0.5 V between 5,9 V and 6.4 V. I dont have a scope, but I guess the voltage has lots of ripple riding on its back. What to do??  
Thanks for any input,  

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