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Re: What's keeping Gerald from responding?

4/24/2000 8:53 PM
John StokesRe: What's keeping Gerald from responding?
Woah!! I didn't hear that it was Gerrie who contacted Steve. I did know that Gerrie has email, because I have also received emails from him, and have emailed him directly at his private email address. However, Oubre told me that he doesn't read the boards. Who knows for sure??  
Even during the huge flamewar that resulted over the Trainwreck Climax situation (alleged design changes, lack of payments, serial number games, etc....), it was Oubre who did all the talking for Gerrie.  
If those guys responded to their (valid) critics, they would lose face, which would be a business disaster for them. They are much better off ignoring us. After all, they have the huge advertising and hype machines maintaining their high profiles. Lots of industry insider back-slapping as well, I'm sure. We have Ampage, AGA, whatever that doesn't censor. Which one gets more mass market exposure?

ja Re: huge advertising and hype machines? -- 4/24/2000 10:01 PM
Bruce Re: What's keeping Gerald from responding? -- 4/25/2000 5:27 AM